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The Glory of Arabia
This is my entry for the new Map of the Fortnight challenge on Althistoria. I only made it in a few days, so the backstory is a bit lighter than most of my other maps. I have seen many scenarios where Arabia was united under Ottoman or British (or even Roman) imperialism, but very few where it was united by the Arabs themselves, so I thought this concept would be interesting. 

After Muhammad Ali successfully drove the Ottomans out from Egypt, Arabia, and the Sudan, he attempted to take Constantinople itself. However, this attempt would ultimately fail and leave him to found the Alid empire. Ali and his successors implemented many reforms to try and strengthen the new empire's economy and military, but always with the goal of finishing the conquest of the Ottomans in mind. While they succeeded in that front, they completely failed to stomp down on growing dissent until it was too late. 

Because of their own Albanian ancestry, the rulers of the empire (and even Muhammad Ali himself) looked down on their Arab subjects and denied them many government posts. To make matters worse, it was often the Arabic citizens who dealt with the worst side effects of early industrialization. This is why when a popular revolt broke out in the late 19th century, several important houses and clans quickly joined its cause. Among them were the House of Hashim, or Hashemites, who ruled the Emirate of Mecca.

Abdul Hussein, the head of the family, quickly took the lead of the new revolution. He had been educated in the West, and exposed to many of its nationalist ideals. Once it became clear the Alid dynasty would fall, Hussein wanted to do more than simply swap one imperial ruler with another. Instead, he envisioned the unification of all Arabic peoples under a single banner, just as the Germans, Italians, and Greeks had done or tried to do a generation before.

Because of this dream, the Hashemites focused on not on conquering Constantinople (which was under Russian occupation at the time), but on pushing out east and west to bring the other clans and nations to heel. Helping their cause was the establishment of a new Caliph, whose title had gone unclaimed since the collapse of the Ottomans. Although Hussein himself did not live to see it, his dynasty would eventually come to encompass nearly all of the Arabic world (with the major exception of large swaths of North Africa), and become the dominant power in the Islamic world. 

In time, the nation would continue to grow in wealth and prestige. Their control of over 60% of the world's oil supply gave them the money needed for large scale projects, such as the new Qattara Sea, which in turn became large industrial centers. Ironically, while they exported so much oil, many of the new projects were focused on harnessing hydroelectric, and later solar, energy. 

Today, the nation maintains a great deal of economic, geopolitical, and religious importance. While Arabs have much of the demographic and political power, there are also many ethnic and religious minorities in the nation, such as the Kurds, Assyrians, Dinka, Jews, Druze, Tigrinya, and more. 
Flag of the Colombian Empire
The official flag of the Colombian Empire, adopted during its revolutionary war.

Its design is partially based off of the old Spanish flag, with the red representing the blood spilled for liberty and white the purity of its new government and people. The eagle, the national symbol for the new empire, stands proudly in the center. 

You can read the complete and ongoing timeline behind this flag here.
The Great Colombian Empire
In the early 19th century, the Spanish throne fled to the New World in response to Napoleon's invasion. What was expected to be a short stay in exile, however, turned into a lifetime for some of the Bourbons who preferred to stay in America. After the Spanish king returned to Madrid, many of the American colonies began to demand greater autonomy and representation in the empire. Tensions boiled over into full-blown revolution in 1817 once it became clear that the king would not compromise. These revolutionaries envisioned a united Spanish America, which they dubbed Colombia after the great explorer. 

The nation soon rallied behind the king's younger brother, who was dubbed Emperor Francisco I of Colombia. From Mexico City, orders and decrees went forth to the rest of the continent to organize a united revolutionary front. Over the next several years they beat back both Spanish forces and republican nationalists with the help of the British empire. 

This map shows the empire shortly before the end of the war in 1820, and just after it won its independence in 1821. 

You can read the complete and ongoing timeline behind this map here. 
The Methane Seas of Titan
This is a regional map of Titan, Saturn's largest moon and possible home for alien life. It is one of the largest moons in the solar system, and holds by far the thickest atmosphere. Under the orange haze that surrounds it, there are many large lakes, rivers, and possibly seas of extremely cold liquid methane. 

This is based on an original map by Peter Minton.
Territorial Evolution of South Africa, 1910 - 2010
I have a .webm of the map uploaded here that will allow you to pause or skip around if you feel the gif is moving too slow or too fast.

This is something a bit different from my previous maps. Instead of just showing borders, I'm now showing them over time! 

In this world, South Africa was much more expansionist and gained a larger English and black population earlier on. As a result, it remained a British Dominion for a longer period of time and avoided the worst of the extreme apartheid policies. This allowed the country to grow not only in population and natural resources, but also attract more skilled immigrants and educate more of their own citizens. 

As of 2010, the country is a massive supplier for the world's gold, diamonds, coal, copper, platinum, and uranium. It is also the breadbasket of Africa, and on top of being a food exporter continues to give large amount of food aid to other countries on the continent. It has also benefited from its growing number of factories and source of relatively cheap labor (instead of migrating to China and India, many Western companies have outsourced to South Africa). 

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I think I might revisit it again soon to create an even larger nation based on South Africa keeping Somaliland and expanding further into the rest of Africa.
I just recently created a Tumblr account to post my work on and occasionally reblog things, you can check it out here. Be sure to follow on both accounts to get updates!


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